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“She definitely made a mistake,” he added. Why so chatty, Netflix? Once upon a time, all Netflix needed to do to recruit the biggest names in Hollywood was write a giant check. But as more companies like Apple and Amazon pour money into high-end original content, Netflix needs to prove its worth to creators beyond throwing wads of cash at them. 

Each about 45 minutes long, neither of the two works would have taxed the attention of the aristocratic audience with complicated plots or deep subjects. “The plots are essentially nonexistent,” Mr. Christie said. “It’s just exquisitely beautiful music, tender and melancholy, and fabulous for dancing.” We're not done yet. At the top of the lineup is the Black Label trim, which piles on the luxury. This trim adds 30-way power seats with ventilation and massage functions, a 28-speaker Revel audio system, a head-up display and a beefier version of Lincoln's safety suite. Buyers can also base their interior appointments around various themes. As one might expect, it's expensive -- the non-PHEV Aviator Black Label costs ,695, while the electrified variant ramps the price up to ,800. Luxury doesn't come cheap, folks, especially when it's done as interestingly as Lincoln's Black Label.

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Larsen shows the new deliver to car option at checkout. HAPPY #2319Day #redalert #MonstersInc

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.  Games tech at CES 2019: The hot new tech changing the way we play.

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Log InSmorgasburg has provided a way forward. Just before they opened for the day, Ms. Fernández put in the tip jar. She stepped back, looked, and readjusted the bill so it would be more visible. Everything they make in tips, they send home, either directly to friends and family in need, or anonymously through a GoFundMe page. CES 2019: See all of CNET's coverage of the year's biggest tech show.